Enterprise Vault 9 Editions

Enterprise Vault exists in two different flavours:

  1. STORAGE MANAGEMENT suite : Email Archiving and PST handling
  2. E-DISCOVERY suite : E-discovery and compliance tools for email

Each flavour/suite has different levels of functionality:

  • Storage management suite
    • Advanced
    • Enterprise
  • E-discovery suite
    • Standard
    • Advanced
    • Enterprise

An overview of the functions:


Enterprise Vault 9 features
Feature Storage Management   E-Discovery                                       
  Adv. Ent. Std. Adv. Ent.
Mailbox archiving X X      
Vault Cache/Virtual Vault X X      
PST migrator X X      
Public Folder Archiving X X      
Journaling     X X X
File System Archiving   X      
Sharepoint Archiving   X      
Secure messaging   X      
EXM Records management conn.   X     X
IM Archiving   X     X
Compliance Accelerator       X X
Discovery Accelerator     X X X
Encase Ingest Connector         X