Inbound and outbound calls might be failing

Error description:

<p>The UM server has been configured to automatically use the Communications Server Audio/Video Edge resources associated with &#39;;. Inbound and outbound calls involving remote users (located outside the enterprise) might be failing using the current Communications Server Audio/Video Edge resources. To correct the issue, set the SIPAccessService property using the Set-UMServer cmdlet. The Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging&nbsp; service will start using the Communications Server Audio/Video Edge resources corresponding to the new value.</p>


<p>You should disable this error in case you do not see any problems with functionality of Lync.</p> <p>This error suggests you to solve it by running Set-UMServer while in most cases&nbsp;you should NOT. Authentication should be performed on the Front End pools, not on the edge server. This error is misleading. So forget about this error.</p>