Can't create the Enterprise Vault Directory database on SQL Server

Error description:

During the installation of Enterprise Vault, when the directory database should be created, the creation of this database fails for some strange reasons. The permissions on SQL server are OK and the connection to the SQL server too.


Error with ID 13360:

Event ID: 13360
An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database (Internal reference: .\ADODataAccess.cpp (CADODataAccess::ExecuteSQLCommand) [lines {1379,1381,1396,1428}] built May 20 14:14:02 2011):br/>


If the Model DB size is greater then the EV specified value of 10MB, it's possible that this error will occur. So try to change the size of this model database to 10 MB in order to have a succesfull installation.


shrink the model database file size to less then or equal to 10MB

Use the following command, using SQL Query Analyzer:



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