Autodiscover Exchange 2010

There are 4 ways of implementing Autodiscover for Exchange 2010:

  1. Set the SCP to the url of the autodiscover server
  2. DNS/HTTP redirection
    • the client's application looks for the autodiscover method
    • if it detects that the DNS/HTTP redirection is used (because trying previous methods didn't work)
    • the domain suffix ot the email address is extracted : ""
    • the client checks to which host "" is resolving
    • a DNS CNAME record is in place. it resolves "" to "".
    • a DNS A record is in place. it resolves "" to an IP address
    • the client checks if port 80 on the resolved IP is open and listening.
    • the client requests the url "" and is redirected by IIS to HTTPS:
  3. locally configured XML file
  4. DNS SRV records (most used method for Autodiscovery)