Outlook Sync issues folder full Synchronization of some deletions failed

Error description:

After a mailbox move from Exchange 2003/2010 to Exchange 2010, the number of sync issue messages in the "synchronization log" folder in outlook increases.
( You 'll see this behaviour when using outlook cached mode while you are in the folder view in outlook )
Those messages are slowly filling up the users mailboxes. Because most users don't worry about this, this could get annoying for the Helpdesk after a while when they have to clean up those messages manually for example.


There are several ways to generate / reproduce these errors :
for example:
Whenever you delete something and empty your “Deleted Items” folder, A sync log error message will be generated:

22:45:33 Uploading to server ‘CAS1.heerwegh.com’
22:45:33 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
22:45:33 [0-130]
22:45:34 1 view(s)/form(s) updated in online folder
22:45:34 4 view(s)/form(s) deleted in online folder

This sync issue doesn’t happen if Outlook is on ONLINE mode. It only happens in Outlook Cached Mode.

Exchange 2010 SP1 doesn’t fix this issue
This is a Outlook 2010 that isn't fixed at the moment. It's not a priority for Microsoft to solve this.


no fix at the moment for this Outlook + Windows XP bug